Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Day Two

OK... so I've made it through day two. It was noisy... very noisy. This is not even half of the kids that were there. And there were lots of screaming babies too... and adults of course. Some idiot bought balloons and pellet guns for the kids. Oh, yeah, and there were some noisy plastic guns and more guns that had laser lights.. I think I am nearly blind in one eye now.

Tomorrow is day three of Eid ... hmmm.... sigh..... 


  1. Damn pellet guns importers, they should be @#$%ing killed

  2. Eid Mubarak to all of you,
    Today it is the first day here in Ireland. Abdalmonem

  3. Mabouk Eid Abdalmonem... Hope you are well in Ireland... give the kids a hug!

  4. I hate the pellet guns ..and all the fire crackers,,,,they drive me crazy..I dont need to get a penetrating eye injury to assure me how nasty this object is..
    Good to know you survived day two with only one semi-blind eye..:)
    best regards


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