Friday, October 10, 2008

First week survival plan: shopping therapy

We've survived the first week back to school and work. Things are sorting themselves out slowly but surely. 

Nora starts classes at uni on Sunday after much ado about registering and all the runaround she was put through to get it all done. She went off as a freshman with high expectations of university life and reality has hit her in the face. 'Al-Nasr campus is disgusting!' she reports. She's still moaning about getting a car.

Sara was finally allowed to enrol in high school. She's the proud owner of a dreadful looking, green army uniform now. I never understood why they make high school kids wear army uniforms - looks so military to me. But then being from America I was never made to wear a uniform ever (except for girl scouts). 

Yusef's school is still being renovated so his school is having classes in the afternoons at a different school. It's within walking distance and he's happy.

Jenna's school is using a different school while they renovate but hopefully in about two weeks they will move back. In the meantime she's going in the afternoon to a school that's too far to walk to so she's being driven back and forth. Hopefully when the school moves back to their normal location the transition will go smoothly. 

Ibrahim is settling into his new school. He likes his teachers and classmates. We'll see how it goes. The school is a bit far and out of everyone's way so we are deciding about what to do about transport.

I'm leaving all the transporting of kids to school and arranging bus services up to hubby. Let him deal with the headache.

I'm back to work after my break. The first week was tiring, but that was mostly because of the stresses of getting my kids sorted out. I've been celebrating surviving the first week by doing some shopping - shopping therapy is always a good thing. I got a really nice black leather bag, two pairs of shoes and ordered new glasses. The bag and shoes are really nice but they were kind of expensive - meaning: they are leather, not plastic and will last a while (I hate cheap shops that sell crappy shoes and bags that smell like vinyl and glue). So despite the cost they are worth it.

Since I really don't have much time to do a whole lot of shopping I've been 'micro-shopping'. This means while I'm out driving in the car and I happen to come across a parking spot available in front of a boutique, I pull in, run into the shop and do a quick look around and buy something. I'm not sure that this is a very good idea though. I've already got four pairs of glasses and didn't really need another pair, and I have plenty of shoes and bags. But shopping certainly feels good.

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