Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reaching Tall

Yusef is six feet tall! We measured him today... he made it to six feet! He's fourteen so he's still got some more growing to do. Adam stopped letting me measure his height when he reached 6 foot 2 so I don't know how tall he is now.... maybe my sister can take a peek at his drivers licence...???


  1. he is taller then alex and alex is 6 feet 2 inches tall.... so a good guess is 6foot 5 or so... hugs holly amd the kids

  2. I’m Yusef, am reaching six feet tall
    Yeah I am ready to play basketball

    Fourteen & got more growing to do
    Be nice to me I’m bigger than you

    I’m attracting girls & it’s really nice
    Out of my way boys or pay a price

    It’s nice being handsome and tall
    But it’s nicer when helping the small


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