Friday, October 31, 2008

Have teapot... will travel!

Life has been pretty dull for me since my friend Tara left Libya. I've mostly been throwing myself into my work and been busy getting kids into school. Everyone keeps asking me 'What's Tara been up to?' - well, she's been up to a lot!

She's moved back to the US and bought a house so she can be near her parents. And she's had to re-do her surgery to repair her Achilles tendon - so that's kept her mostly immobile. During all this she's enrolled in Arabic classes at the University of New Mexico - taking two levels at one time. Phew! That's hard! - and I'm so proud of her!

Recently, her professor mentioned that there was a Libyan student enrolled at the university and Tara jumped at the chance to meet him. They worked out a deal that he would help her with her Arabic and she would help him prepare to take the TOEFL and GRE. 

Yesterday we chatted and Mohamed (the lone Libyan at UNM) says that he was so happy to meet Tara and that she 'smelled like Libya'. The two of them drink green tea while they study. This is nice news!

Hehehe.... Libyans cannot go anywhere without their teapots!


  1. He! He! Adam came without a tea pot! Of course when you mention tea, he talks about how his Libyan grandma is the BEST tea maker EVER! She would have been hard to put in a suit case.

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed on Tara, aka "partner in crime"....I wondered what happened to her. I'm sure you do miss her. Sandi

  3. My husband is the grandson of libanes.I like go through here! Congratulationsالذهاب هنا

  4. Tara looks great and a hundred and one percent happier now .WOW that guy looks like Mustafa ! Thought it was him at 1st .See you can go anywhere in the world and find a Libyan , lol with a tea pot !

  5. T for Tara or is it for a Tea pot
    No ice tea, Libyans do like it hot

    They take the tea pot everywhere
    Mess with Libyans tea if you dare
    To them is an insulting and not fair

    Green is Libyan so is the split pea
    They gather just to drink green tea

    They drink it in land or at the sea
    True story comes to you from me
    Obla - Da - Obla - Do - Obla - Dee

    Best wishes Tara

    PS. Tara if you visit me in California you will drink coffee. Last time I had tea was about 15 years ago. Love coffee. Yummy

  6. the man looks like your husband,he is just younger hehehehehehehe


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