Friday, October 03, 2008

When is school supposed to start?

School should have begun at the beginning of September but it was delayed because of Ramadan - God forbid Libyans use their brains in Ramadan.. sigh... I have been eagerly looking forward to October 5th - the day school would start and the ridiculously long summer holiday would be over. It is so hard to believe that Libyan kids have been on summer holidays since May. 

But rumours abound that the start of school will be delayed for another two or three weeks due to the fact that many schools are being renovated. Haven't they had all summer to do that? Are the rumours true?


  1. This evening I was talking about this subject with a teacher from the school of my children. She will go working the 5th of october, also the children should come. So, there is some hope, that they will finally start. My son is on holiday since 12. April!!! 1.-3. class will start with a new system, like in Europe ?!? What will this be??


  3. Proud Libyan.... I'm just saying how rediculous it is that Libyans take the month off school for Ramadan. It is wrong to do that. When you are fasting you should continue your life as usual, not totally turn it around so that you have the easiest possible way out. I also think that its not right to sleep the entire day and stay up the entire night during Ramadan. What is the point in that?

    Ya'allah teef..... insulting Libyans... really... I don't have to do that. They do it themselves by their actions.

  4. Good for you, Teri! People like Proud Libyan get on my nerves, but then, they haven't been brought up in a culture that encourages discussion and acceptance of different viewpoints... sigh. How will things improve if people don't ask questions and try to understand where people with other opinions are trying to say?

  5. Where is the insulting?? Its a fact, that my 8 year old son was only 6 months in school. Be proud of parents like us who takes care of the education of their children. Things improve only by working, not by hanging around and sleeping.

  6. Why should Libyan children go to school at all? I mean, really! Education in Libya is like it's monopoly money! What possible benchmarks could they have to measure 'success'???? LMFAO
    And don't be "hate'n" on me and Khadija for pointing out the obvious and telling the truth!

  7. I think the reason for delaying the start of the school because of the so called renovation mess,so are they building the schools from scratch?! Renovating in my book is fixing/replacing what’s broken..some paint and that’s it, unless it’s a way of making money out of our children's misery. So schools been closed in Ramadan nothing to do with Libyans being lazy ..Far from, they just been practical and innovative :o) .

  8. apparently the delay is also due to implementing a new curriculum in primary schools, theyre using the singaporean one now i heard! its one of the hardest in the world.

    the length of the summer oliday is ridiculous though, its enough to forget 2 years worth of education (if they actually took it in, in the first place!)

  9. libyeah!: But where is the new curriculum? I have two kids in primary school and none of them got new books. What are your experiences?

  10. I m a student in Landscape architecture France, and I m studying life styles in Tripoli, how people live and move in the city (urban life) : can you help me to answer to my requests please :

    1)- What is the school timetable ? (At what time the children go to school and come back from school ? Do they have activities after school and which ones ?)

    2)- what are working hours ? At what time do people go to work ? At what time do they finish work ? what do they usually do after work (shopping, go to the cafe….) ? what do they do during their work break ?

    3)- Do a women who is not working go out, and what for ?

    4)- At what time is the rush-hour ?

    5)- During the week : when do people take time for their leisure and shopping ?

    6)- What do people do on Friday and Saturday (their activities) ?

    Best regards.
    pauline_ student in landscape architecture- France
    (my email :


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