Sunday, October 05, 2008

And they're off!....

We all got up this morning, still uncertain as to whether the kids had school or not. Jenna and Yusef were within walking distance so they went to the schools themselves to see what the program was. Sara and Ibrahim were taken around to the schools by their father as I was off to work in the morning too. Nora had to go to uni but she was getting a ride there with a friend and only needed a ride home. 

When I got home from work there were some books piled on the table in the entry so I knew that something had been accomplished. The kids were all grumpy because they hadn't had enough sleep the night before and had to face 'the run around' at school. Here's what I've managed to piece together:
  • Yusef's school is under renovation so he is being moved to a different school and will be on an afternoon schedule until further notice. Thankfully it is within walking distance. He has some books but not all of them.
  • Jenna has a different schedule as well. Also walking distance. She still needs some of the books.
  • Ibrahim is going to be enrolled in a different school - this is his father's idea. This week he's having placement tests. He will need to be driven or have a bus arranged once they've decided what to do with him.
  • Sara went to the high school where Nora had been a student and was told to come back on Thursday - they would decide if they would enroll her or not. Remember, she had to do re-sit exams so the schools will be a bit reluctant to accept her. Her father suggested putting her in a private high school for her first year and then transferring her later. They will make the rounds of different high schools to see what is available. Sigh... who knows what will happen.
  • Nora went to uni and was told to come back on Thursday. She is demanding that we buy her a car!
We're all exhausted. It's been a very long day!


  1. Nora driving? And I thought Shelby behind the wheel was scary enough. But then again, I got a drivers license too.

  2. hi i'm in my first year in uni i registered online but haven't went to alfateh do i have to go could you ask your daughter , i'm in engineering

  3. Oh for Gods sake , it is 2008 .. let Nora drive !!! She is a responsible 18year old that runs the house hold while you work , surely she can be trusted to drive !Give her Adams car . He isn't here to use it !The rest sounds like a typical Libyan 1st day of school ... nobody knows anything at the schools or when they will know anything for that matter . Good Luck !

  4. After a very long hot Summer vacation
    Officials just woke up to start renovation
    It’s paralyzing the entire Libyan nation

    Students get ready this is a reality check
    When having fun time goes by so quick

    Believe me students this is no April fool
    Get the books ready, it’s time for school

    Some walk, ride with dad or hitchhike
    For some it’s time to dust off your bike

    For Nora the university is a bit too far
    So she demands to buy her a new car
    Pleasing everyone is like winning a war

    Getting all kids ready for school is no fun
    It’s almost impossible to please everyone


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