Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Important Beach Safety Video

A while back, at the beginning of summer I posted about the dangers of rip tides and about the fact that many people lose their lives in Libya, not only because they are not proficient swimmers, but also because they don't know how to save themselves from these dangerous tidal currents.

My post sparked a heated debate in the comment section! Anyway, despite the angry comments by many people, I am pleased to say that some good has come from the discussion and post. Today I checked my email and found this comment:

Dear Khadija,
although we had a disagreement on the way you dealt with the issue of safe swimming in libya, your post has inspired me to make this educational video, with my wife, to help our fellow Libyans avoid rip currents and how to escape them.
so thank you very much for pointing out this problem and hope that you direct your readers to the video at:

best wishes

Musa Ali

I am so pleased that my post inspired someone to make such a wonderful effort at getting this safety message across. Thank you and God Bless You!


PLEASE watch the video and SEND the link to EVERYONE you know!

PLEASE NOTE: When the video is embedded into my blog, for some reason the annotations don't show up correctly - to see the full version you have to go directly to YouTube.


  1. Dear Khadija! Thank you so much for your posting our video on your blog and for your lovely comments! We noticed that when you embed a youtube video anywhere else the annotations are lost - and they're quite important bits of info in our video. Could you let people know that they need to go to youtube to get the complete video?
    Thank you again for your wonderful support!

  2. Libya isn't the only place that suffers from rip currents. In the US more than 100 die from rip currents and 18,000 are rescued annually from rip currents. So do Libyans need to learn how to swim ? or do they need life guards ?


    cause based on your logic the Americans don't know how to swim either.

  3. I of course had to go read the original post and comments. I find Saudi to have a lot of non swimmers as well, even though we are here on the shore. I've noticed the same in Bahrain.

    Over the past weekend 4 people I believe died off the beaches in NY. One was a ten year old girl. The ocean does not discriminate and will take anyone with it.

  4. it looks like a great video unfortunatly i olny speak english.... is there any way that the same video can have english and maybe spanish or french dubbed in so that many more people can watch and learn about the dangers... hugs holly and the kids


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