Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My kind of weather

The rains have finally come, accompanied by lightening and thunder. The weather is cooler and the dust has settled. We'll see how treacherous the roads are today. Usually the first big rains bring on flooding because the drain systems in the roads are clogged with sand and garbage. But never mind - no one expects anyone to be on time in weather like this. 

I love the rain!


  1. Khadeja Terri-
    Any ideas where I can get oatmeal or rolled oats from, in Tripoli.??
    Lovely for kids for breakfast, and very healthy too. Especially in this weather.

  2. You can find oatmeal in most supermarkets but they don't usually keep it where the other cereals are - try looking near where the baking supplies are. It comes in a can and costs about 4.75 LD.

  3. Oh, wanted to know that too...LOL.

    The weather is so nice now! Dh's family still can't understand why we are not going around with wooly jumpers! The nights are cold but I love the days! Dh said i'll be in for a shock when the winter starts! Guess I'll just have to wait and see. I'm thinking that it can't be as bad as Ireland, but there I had central heating!


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