Friday, November 28, 2008

A day in the country

I had a lovely day in the mountains with family and friends. The day started out looking as though it were going to rain, and it did in fact rain a bit on the way there, but the weather turned out nice.

In the afternoon I went out for a walk. The ground was very dry in the area. Usually by this time of the year there are more green plants growing. I did notice a low type of shrub that was flowering - I counted five different colours and various hues of the flowers. I'm not sure what it is but someone suggested that it might be a type of heather. It didn't have a scent but it was very pretty.

There were lots of beetles bumbling around. I sat down to enjoy the view and found one scraping around nearby. He was very friendly and I played with him for a bit before letting him go on his merry  way.

A day in the countryside is a useful thing. I feel like I've been recharged. 


  1. glad 2 hear u enjoyed there & thanx 4 sharing ths pics `e us

    we need trip like ths somtimes ..


  2. I like the last picture , very nice

    thanks for sharing with us

    miss you


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