Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photo journalism - Libya in Life

Google has now got an archive of photos taken from Life magazine. There are pages and pages of historical images of Libya. You can see them here:


  1. Thanks for posting that site.

  2. As a foreigner with business interests in Libya, I cannot but thank you, Teri, for the wonderful insight into your country and the images themselves do not do enough justice to the beauty of the country.

    My biggest concern, however, lies in the lack of accountability that exists in the country - particularly in the ethics involved in business within certain sectors.

    I have had really enough of working hard and employing so many Libyans only to have Libyan clients not keeping their word on when they settle their due payments.

    In some cases, the stupid lies and deceit to is really embarassing and I really cannot fathom how the country can progress when this situation is allowed to prevail. I have sought advice from my lawyers and bankers and was told that even if one has all the right paperwork and rights, enforcing these rights legally is extremely problematic.

    How can Libya hope, alas, to attract foreign investors like this? And it's not enough to say that Libya has oil and that new projects are up and running because these types of initiatives are not long-term and are managed quite differently from the day-to-day business.

    Quite frankly, after eight years, I am starting to give up and I am now in a very terrible situation because of the great sums of money that are due to my company.

    It's a shame, really, and I am very disappointed and bitter about it all.

  3. Hi Anonymous... first of all I'd like to say that although my blog is about my life in Libya and I post many pictures and much information about the country, I'm not Libyan - I am in fact an American who is married to a Libyan national.

    That said, I really feel for you. Being a foreigner living here, I understand how frustrating 'the system' is here. I can't even imagine what it would be like to run a multinational company here. I have enough trouble just doing the simplest of things sometimes.

    But having lived here for twenty years I do see improvement. I see a change in the attitude of everyday citizens. Young people are becoming more competitive and looking towards completing their education. The competition for employment opportunities is fierce. Where once it was possible to get and keep a job purely by connections alone, it is not so for many places in the workplaces of the Libya of today.

    Companies and individuals that come to do business in Libya come here knowing full well what they are getting into - much like any other third world country and probably more so since Libya was cut off from the world by years of sanctions and other influences. But despite these problems companies and investors will continue to flock to Libya. 'Get rich quick' is a dream - in reality it requires a huge effort and is seldom quick.

    Don't be bitter or disappointed, I'm sure you have given it your all - and that is commendable considering the obstacles that one faces here.

  4. You didn't have to point out the fact that you were not Libyan to the disappointed commenter as he seems to know that, calling you Teri, and not Khadijateri. While there are many drawbacks to dealing with Libyans in business, there are also those Libyan businessmen who have excellent reputations with their foreign counterparts.They're not all the same. And while you're 'having trouble doing the simplest of things' just remember to be thankful that you're not bankrupt in America in the present financial crisis.
    European who has had successful dealings with Libyans in Libya.

  5. Salam alaikum everyone :)

    Thank you KhadijaTeri for great blog. Id love to know personally an amazing woman as you. I am really proud of you.

    To mr Succesful European:
    We know that its long years since Khadija moved to Tripoli so i think her experience is enaugh wide to judge or voice her opinion abt political or economical or even social situation in Libya. I am also married to Libyan too ;) but we left country with my husband few years ago. We wish to go back to Tripoli we even prefer to live there but..we wont untill you must pay for things under the table..simply bcoz it is haram.
    My husband complitly agree with everything Khadija posted here.

    Once again, thank you for sharing Khadija, you are fabulous! :)

    Dalia & Sharif.


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