Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'll just plod along...

My alarm clock rang at exactly six o'clock as usual. I reached over to turn it off and at the same moment the phone rang. I knew who it was without even answering it because of the distinctive ringtone.... 'Your lazy fat-assed friend is calling! Your lazy fat-assed friend is calling!' It was Tara of course, calling from New Mexico.

Me: Hello.
Tara: He won.... (sobbing)... He won Teri!... Barak Obama won!... (crying and sobbing)
Me: Mabrouk! He did it! He really did it!
Tara: Yes... (more crying and sobbing) .... yes.... yes..... he did!

Tara has been backing Obama since before he even got into the race. She's had Barak Obama bumper stickers plastered on her car (even in Libya) since then and wore t-shirts in support. She's been totally consumed by the presidential race. 

I, on the other hand, have been pretty much just sitting back and watching from the side. I had planned to vote and probably would have voted for Obama even though I wasn't totally convinced he was the right person to be running a country. There just seemed to be something not right with Obama. I got the creepy feeling that something evil was hidden inside... he just seemed too polished. But when McCain chose his running mate I decided it was all a big farce - a circus. The thought of McCain croaking and Palin running the country was appalling. In the end I decided not to cast my ballot. I wasn't happy with either candidate and Tara decided not to give me too much grief about my decision.

We'll see how events unfold. Probably there will be more changes nationally but most likely the international scene will remain pretty much the same. That's kind of depressing in a way. I'll just continue plodding along in my world. Obama has his work cut out for him. I wish him the best of luck!


  1. I think we all rooting for him.

    Good lock for him!

  2. hopefuly our prez elect does what he says he wants to do.... if not we will fire him in 4 years...the american public are a fickle lot.... hugs holly


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