Sunday, November 02, 2008

November is here

The weather has been dusty today. All day the sand blew around and everything feels gritty. My eyes are itchy and watering. I hope tomorrow the weather is better. I'm waiting for winter to kick in. We're still using the air conditioner here. It's the beginning of November - the first week of this month usually brings a change in the weather. It will be time to take out warmer clothes soon.

Along with November is Election Day on Tuesday. I'm going to wear red, white and blue on Tuesday. I told my students that I was going to do it and they thought I was joking. My daughter Sara was born on Election Day - on the day Clinton was elected into office. I remember that the staff of the hospital all came to my room to say 'Mabrouk Ibnayah! Mabouk Clinton!' It was funny - but nice. It's interesting to see Libyans get so excited about the elections. Many are glued to the TV, addicted to the twists and turns of the election process. 

A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a poem she wrote titled 'November Cricket'. Every year in November I would come across it while sorting out papers and things. I'd read it and then call her up and we'd have a long chat on the phone. Last year for some reason I couldn't find the poem. It's on a piece of paper somewhere in my house. I know I haven't thrown it away. I hope I come across it sometime this month... November Cricket... chirping by my door...


  1. I'm glad people outside of the US are interested in the election. I drove around North Africa with a Barack Obama sticker on my Jeep for the last year and a half! Following the last election, my husband and I were so disgusted with the US we moved to Libya! The repulicans are trying to turn america into some kind of conservative Pentacostal middle east. And we all know the direct correlation between intelligence and reigious belief. My country is under seige by dumb, ignorant, uneducated, white people who believe in the story of a naked lady and a snake, but hopefully we will will fend of the attack this election successfully.

  2. Hope you find your poem Teri, signing off as:::::::::The white believer of the naked lady and snake story.....couldn't resist my 2 cents good to see you on the net feisty as ever. Sandi

  3. ahah, warmer clothes soon?! after living in england for so many years, im still going to be wearing sleeveless shirts in december!

    and i have yet to meet someone who's following the election at all!

  4. I'm taking private appointments for those of you who want to KISS MY ASS in private. Namely you MUSTAFA who said Barack was a black man and would never be elected. Well FUCK YOU MUStafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ignorant backwards fuck.

  5. Tankgirl.. I know you have been known for your outrageous behavior, but is there really a need to be so passionate with your
    hate? Our victory speaks for its self!

    ALL- I am a Barak supporter and am really glad he won.

  6. The story of a naked lady and a snake
    Keep the snake, naked lady I can take

    America begins to ferment like a yeast
    Republicans turned America to a feast
    Or more like a Pentecostal middle east

    Is it an intelligence or a religious belief?
    You don’t eat pork & he doesn’t eat beef

    Ignorant; we're sick & tired of your attack
    It doesn’t matter if you’re white or black

    What you hear about our America is true
    Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jew
    United under glorious red white & blue

    From California, Main, Ohio to Alabama
    Marched together and voted for Obama


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