Friday, November 07, 2008

Just chill'n

It's been a long week and even though at times it was stressful, it ran a smoothly as clockwork. Today I've decided to just chill out. Most of the morning was spent relaxing in bed, listening to music on my iPod and just spacing out. Maybe I will do more of the same this afternoon and evening. I think I deserve a break.

Hubby seems to think my day off is the time I should spend eight hours in the kitchen preparing him a gourmet meal... Crank up the volume... What did he say?... hmmm... Can't hear a word... lol

Yesterday I got the kids a new DVD player because their PlayStation is on the fritz and they'd been using that to watch DVDs - I don't want to replace the PlayStation... maybe when school is out next summer. In the meantime this weekend the kids are happily watching DVDs and giving me a break from their arguments. DVD player = pacifier for teenagers.

My son Yusef, and I were discussing Ebonics. He wanted to know why Barack Obama talks like a white guy. Hmm... now that's a good question!


  1. Obama "talks like a white guy" because he was raised by his white grandparents and also because he attended Harvard Law School. Obama, like everyone else, is more a product of his surroundings than his racial background.

  2. Obama talks like a 'shite guy" because he is educated and has decided not to use ebonics. By the way, anyone can speak in Ebonics if they like, most people just chose not to sound ignorant.

  3. Hey what make is it? Is it any good? Pls reply


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