Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Slipper weather

It rained today. There was thunder and lightening too. And of course the streets in my neighbourhood all flooded (and everything smells like open sewers). 

I took Ibrahim with me to work this evening because I figured with the bad weather it would be quiet - most people would rather just stay home. I was right - we had a small class today but we got quite a lot done and had extra time to focus on things. 

Ibrahim didn't want to stay in an empty classroom across the hall and draw on the white board. He wanted to sit at a desk behind the students in my classroom - so we let him join us. But in the end we threw him out because he was disruptive. He kept poking the boy in front of him in the back with his finger. I wonder how his teachers at school manage him - he's more than a handful.

On the way home we drove through the pouring rain and stopped at a shop to buy Ibrahim a pair of slippers. Now that the weather is getting cooler the tiles are cold on his feet. I wanted to get him something special to wear to keep his feet warm inside the house. He had wanted 'Spiderman' slippers but there weren't any in the shop. He settled for something else. 

Near the shoe store was a toy store, and of course Ibrahim insisted on going in there too. As usual he insisted on getting a remote control car. He's obsessed with remote control cars... Unfortunately they only last about 10 minutes and then they get broken. He owns a huge collection of broken remote controlled toys... sigh... I managed to get him out of the shop without buying another one and without a huge temper tantrum. Now that's a miracle!

We got home and it started raining even harder. Ibrahim modeled his new slippers for everyone in the house. As soon as he took them off Jenna put them on and has been wearing them ever since. It looks like we'll be buying another pair of slippers tomorrow.

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