Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Hours Spent Driving

I'm on a break from work and I'm enjoying it. 

What have I been doing during my break? Mostly I've spent my time in the car. Since I'm free I've taken over all the driving - first I take Jenna and Sara to school at 7:45, then swing back home to pick up Ibrahim, who I find waiting at the curb for me. I usually stop at the bakery and grocery store. By the time I get home it's about 9:30. Nora has to be at uni at one o'clock so we have to leave no later than 12:00 to get her there on time. Then I come back home again for a few hours only to have to go back to the uni to pick Nora up at four. Ibrahim comes home by bus and Sara and Jenna walk home (and get some exercise).

The hours spent in the car are not wasted. We've been listening to audiobooks. The latest is the book 'The Secret Life of Bees' by Sue Monk Kidd and read by an actress named Jenna Lamia. We've seen the movie but the book is oh so much better! The recording of the book is about 10 hours long and we're halfway through, savouring every moment.

The next book on our listening list is 'Hannibal Rising' by Thomas Harris. This one also has a movie based on the book but we've not seen it. 

I'm turning the tedious job of ferrying kids back and forth into something enjoyable. The kids are enjoying the ride, getting wrapped up in the words, everyone is quiet and the ride is peaceful.

Have you listened to any good audiobooks lately? 


  1. Yep. "Scream-Free Parenting" by Hal Edward Runkel. It's transforming my family. Not that I was a screaming mimi or anything -- sometimes our screams are on the inside. Great parenting tool, good use of humor, and the kids are catching a glimpse of what makes us all tick.

  2. You can't beat the Harry Potter audiobooks. The actor who reads them does a fabulous job.

  3. wow thats a good idea..i have to get some....great idea

  4. Are you sure you want your kids to listen to a book by Thomas Harris?? He scares me too much! I don't listen to books on tape, but I love podcasts - especially This American Life, Fresh Air, To The Best of Our Knowledge, and basically everything NPR.


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