Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cappuccino View

Dark to light
Shady seaside
Cool to warm
December cafe

Friendly chat
Warm words
Happy smiles
Good friends


  1. It was so lovely Teri ,.we should do it more often dear -get away from our routine and revive ourselves with energy after a good chit chat......

    I thank you again for such a good time !

  2. Salam Khadijateri,,
    Sometimes I get the feeling that your comments on life in Libya are written in a sour or bitter mood, but I suppose that being away for so long from your family in the U.S. and having to deal with a -less than than what you expected- life experience, can do that to anyone. So I'm glad that today's posting gives a happy feeling. May 2009 bring with it all the happiness in the world for you and your family.
    Umm Salwan

  3. I know this place, it's Caocao cafe, I like that place.

    miss you teri *)

  4. Oh what a view! Cacao......well my favourite place in Tripoli is still the 02 cafe' with their fantastic puncakes. I spent there lovely morning with my friends.

    P.S. Today I passed my arabic classes exams at the Bourguiba shool. I'm so happy!

    Simona (Molestine)

  5. Nice post Teri, will look for more info on Cacocao, looks nice.


  6. is this the place opposite the car park


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