Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cut Cables? Or Something Else?

The Internet is back but the connection is slow. Some people have suggested that the problem was due to the recent breakage of an underwater cable between Tunisia and Sicily. But when I read the news reports about it Libya wasn't mentioned as one of the countries being affected.

TechnoLibya, a blog that focuses on technology in the country came up with a plausible reason for the outage and subsequent slowness of the service. They blamed it on the system being overloaded while Wimax is being tested and tried out and suggested the networks need to be upgraded before anything new is added. Wimax was intended to be out last September, delayed until December and then delayed once again. Now they say it will make it's debut in Libya in January 2009. 

The Internet's back, but it's crawling. I hope we continue to have usable service - it's holiday season and the Internet is the only means I have of 'being with' my family back home.   


  1. This problem affected most of countries connected to Europe via the Mediterranean sea telecommunication cable and including as far as Saudi Arabia, so there is no mystery about the loss of internet connection in Libya and there is no conspiracy, several Arab TV stations mentioned this problem in their news bulletins, currently the problem in the process of fixing it and should be back to normal soon, merry xmas.
    read this for more info.


  2. Hi Khadija
    I heard last night on our local channel 9 KCAL-TV news about a tanker ran across and cut the Mediterranean internet cable from Europe to North Africa & the Middle East. It’s strange when you think about it, it looks like the cable was left floating all over the place.

  3. Hi Mahmud Abudaber,

    No poem ???

    I'll start it .

    Khadija with no net.....


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