Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Looking Back

Another year is coming to an end. I took a look back in my archives to recap what this year was like. 

Shopping, weather and school were what was on the agenda for the first month of the year, but the biggest news was the shops on Jaraba Street coming to an end with the beginnings of the demolition causing a shopping frenzy and traffic snarls.

Time spent behind the wheel in my car; the trials and tribulations of driving Ibrahim to school and the scary incident of being attacked by a lunatic while I was driving one evening. 

The cat had kittens and then disappeared, leaving us to find them a new mommy, but in the meantime we frantically scrambled to keep the poor little kitties fed. The  year's weddings commenced with me trying to find a wifi hotspot to keep myself from being bored to death.

Another enjoyable trip to attend Nalut's Annual Spring Festival. More traffic troubles, child brides and other wedding stories.

An earthquake in east Libya, exams and school, my sister's son was born, I posted a lot about feeling homesick and I ended the month with a mysterious virus.

The strangest story for this month was when Tara and I were followed by a weirdo while we were out shopping and the it only ended when we finally got fed up and confronted him. My blog saw it's 100,000th visitor. Nora got the news that she'd passed her senior year of high school. Tragedy struck our family that ended in a funeral. Tara and I took a trip to Gharian to buy souvenirs. I spent some time contemplating summer and safe swimming, a post which prompted  all kinds of controversy with interesting comments both positive and negative.

More adventures in shopping, Tara and I went out to buy some last minute things before she left Libya. Some readers of my blog posted a beach safety video - this creativity was sparked by my post about beach safety and riptides the month before. I had a walk down memory lane posting the story and a picture of me in kindergarten. Ibrahim found some new things to keep him busy while the rest of us suffered in the heat.

The weirdest story was of the hamster that got lost in my car and died (poor thing) and the bribery that led to it being found and extricated - but not until after my car wreaked of death. The long hot summer days were getting to us all, especially me when I ended up with an eye infection. Other items of news were more funerals to attend, the first rain in Tripoli in months and the job of getting ready for Ramadan.

This month started out with the beginning of Ramadan - surviving the month in September's heat and facing caffeine withdrawal. There were more funerals to attend. A nice way to break up the monotony was spending an evening out with some of my students. Finally we reached the end of Ramadan which meant shopping for Eid.

A new school year began and we stressed out over sorting out the kid's schedules. Our new cat finally got a name and it turned out to be one we already had in the house. I nearly had heart failure when I saw the gates my husband had installed - there were lots of comments made by readers and all in support of me.  

I'd gotten bored with Libyan cuisine and started out the month with a post about how tedious Libyan food seemed. There was the election in the US to keep me and the rest of the world watching the news. I worked a lot and was feeling run down and tired but pushed through and was revived by an evening spent with a friend watching movies and eating birthday cake. I wrote a piece about funny old wives tales for pregnant women that were still practiced in Libya. There were both Eid and Thanksgiving to think about and plan for. Finally, the month ended with a refreshing and much needed day trip to the countryside.

We celebrated a quiet Eid as the weather finally began to grow colder. The Internet suffered a shortage in service that was frustrating to say the least. And I wrapped the year up with a break from work and spent quality time with family and friends.

Well, I must admit my bloggable life is not very exciting. I'll leave you to imagine what things I didn't blog about....lololol... Maybe my New Year's resolution should be: 'BE MORE INTERESTING' or 'GET A LIFE!'.... lolol

Happy New Year!
Wishing you the very best for 2009 and always!



  1. As we’re heading for the new 2009
    We all pray our planet will turn fine
    Let’s share and forget yours or mine

    Global warming is a new word to us
    We blame ourselves for such a mess

    It’s a lack of knowing our astronomy
    N’ our stupidity ruined our economy

    The good old times won’t come back
    Who cares if you’re gay, fat or black

    Backwards priorities for God’s sake
    World turned greedy no give but take

    Believe me people, it's the truth or dare
    Be responsible, and giving if you care
    Or live cold, in the arms of a nightmare

    Brothers & sisters of red white & blue
    Let’s make a better one for me & you

    *** Happy New Year to you all.***

  2. Thank you KT, the same to you and your family for the New Year...


  3. Dear KhadijaTeri;

    Just a note to wish you all the best in the new year. I was in Tripoli for the first time last Eid, visiting the inlaws and getting to know my husband's family. As a reader of your blog, many places i visited made me think of your posts. Your blog sort of prepared me for this visit. Thank you.

  4. Have a blessed and happy new year Khadija!

    Hope we see you at this year! Your pictures would truly add value to the blog. :)


  5. Happy new year to you too. Your blog is like a window we left to the life we had in Libya. All the best in 2009 and thanks for your words


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