Saturday, December 06, 2008

Getting Ready

Eid is nearly here. There have been all kinds of stories about sheep with diseases - and the big question is to buy one or not to buy one. Yesterday I cut up beef to make traditional Libyan 'gadeed' or jerky. It's hanging on the line drying. You start out with a huge amount of meat and by the time it dries, it shrinks, and  looks as if you have hardly anything left. 

Hubby has gone out to look at some sheep with his brother. The knives have all been sharpened and I'm ready for whatever is thrown at me. I expect I'll be very familiar with the workings of a knife by the time this is all over.

The kids and I went to the shops that sell DVDs and got some movies to get us through the holiday since we don't have satellite at the farm. We'll bring the TV from the boy's room and the DVD player with us. Anything to break up the monotony of the holiday. 

Work, work and more work... sigh... I'm ready for it. Baaaa! Baaaaaa! Baaaaaa!!


  1. how long is eid last will you be off work for afew days

  2. Hi Khadija, just a quick line to say that I really enjoy reading your posts, they're funny :D

    Happy Eid to you you and your family :)


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