Monday, December 29, 2008

Upside down

We're painting the entryway today... covering  fingerprints, grime and crayon drawings that no one will admit to have drawn. Is the grammar on that right... sigh.. it's been one of those days. 

Of course about half an hour into the process the doorbell rang. Why, oh why does someone always turn up as soon as the house is completely upside down????


  1. May be this desire to draw on walls, eating surface soil, breaking toys and damaging things comes naturally from genes - whatever the scientific reasons be it's a trait every child inherits.

    Children love to tear their notebooks and scribble on walls and furniture, etc.

    It reminds me a long forgotten tale. Once i drew on the inside of a car door with a ball-point pen and spoiled the whole door. I was given a sound beating and after that i refrained from damaging car doors - don't remember whether i stopped writing on the walls after that or not.

    If you go down the memory lane, do you find yourself guilty of doing the same? :)


  3. How about "to having drawn" :-)

    Maybe positively reformulating this to "paint therapy" would put a fun spin on it.

    The doorbell only rings when the house is upside down. A friend once left me at the door for a long time, then opened it and said "oh, its only you". She thought it was her mother-in-law and had stripped all beds, and all furniture coverings so she could claim to her mother-in-law that the reason for the mess was a major "spring" cleaning.

  4. What describe this is the word (Ironic)

  5. happy new year to all... i hope you and yours have had a good year.. may the new year show promise and hope for you and all of the ones you love.. may the failures of this year bring guidance to you for the next and the winfalls you have had bring humility to the ones less fortunate. love always hugs holly and the kids

  6. Happy New Year Teri !

    When I was younger,and raising my children , not working full time -I had no problem having unexpected guests. Now I have no bell lol ;-)

    A poem for you,hope you like it

    Everyone should have a friend like you
    You're so much fun to be with
    Such a good person
    That cracks me up with laughter
    And touches my heart with kindness
    Having a wonderful ability
    To know when to offer advice
    When to sit in quiet support
    And time after time
    I have realized how fortunate
    I am that my life includes you
    And really do believe that
    Everybody should have a friend like you !

    May Allah bless you and your lovely family always.

  7. Maybe they didn't know the house was upside down and they just watned to say hi!

  8. Yeah, that always happens to me! Hate that! lol


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