Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Making Changes

I've been changing colors on my blog and added a background. It might stay this way, or it might change. I'm feeling moody these days.

Tara thinks this background makes my blog look like the inside of a casket:


Hmmm.... certainly not like any casket I ever saw in America and definitely not one from here. In Libya they just toss you into a wooden box that looks like it was made out of the same kind of wood they use to make orange crates. I guess it doesn't matter anyway because they take you out of the box before they bury you here - it's just for transportation. How depressing. Maybe I should do the happy face background I had considered for all of 3 seconds. 

Naaa.... that'd be just annoying. 


  1. Hi, What a wonderful background. i just love it. it's exactly expressing how i feel these days about everything. and don't worry about "Coffins" as you said they're only for transportaion.
    by the way i'm trying to strat my own blog,it's kind of on-line libyan waiting for the real sum of money to open one in Tripoli.. would you care to support me.

  2. I can't get the casket comment out of my mind now which conjures up depressing thoughts. Your blog is definitely not depressing!

  3. Colour scheme's okay with me, I like it. Coffin linings are alwyas sort of velvety or satiny, I've never been in one to really know....


  4. Khadijaaaa, that really sucks !

  5. Khadijaaa, that really Sucks !~!

    too greenish ....uh ~~


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