Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More Words

I'm still playing with words. This is a Wordle made from words from hubby's favourite site, Aljazero. I was just checking to see if wordle worked with Arabic. It does - but only with two fonts.

There is something I like about seeing words all in a jumble. I took the words from each unit of my FCE students' book and made word pictures out of them, printed them out and hung them up where the students can see them while they are waiting for their class to begin. I'm really pushing them to boost up their vocabulary (and improve their spelling hopefully). Maybe homework can be having them make their own Wordle with the words they like.

Actually, I like the pictures so much that I'm going to print some out to hang in the new house in the office... if the new house ever gets finished, that is.... sigh..

1 comment:

  1. Dear Khadija,
    This made me think it would be a nice thing to put all the names of the family in one of these 'wordles'. Think I'll have a go!


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