Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A new beginning

The end of my adventures with Tara in Libya is nearing. Soon she will be moving away from Libya and on to the next post. It's really sad to see her leave because we've had so much fun together. But though our real life adventures will only happen if we manage to see one another on a holiday, or perhaps if her husband finds himself working in Libya again, we will still manage to have fun... in the virtual world, of course.

A virtual me... having a look at Tara's new place

Tara has created her new home on Lively. It's an island with a palm tree in the middle and it's furnished about the same as the house she had here; two chairs and a bed. There's also a sign that says 'Keep Out!' so she can pretend to be unsociable.

Isn't the internet an amazing place?


  1. No Hijab? You naughty girl... What if a man sees you?

  2. Goodness, no more adventures with Tara. Where did they move to? I enjoyed hearing about her. She will be missed. Sandi


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