Monday, July 21, 2008

Ibrahim's New Interests

Ibrahim has become interested in two things lately... bats and boats.

He's taken an interest in bats because he's been watching them in the evenings at the farm. At dusk they come out and swoop and flitter about eating insects. There are also fruit bats that feast on the fruit in the trees. They seem to be especially fond of figs because we often find half eaten figs on the trees.

We've been looking up bats on the internet to see what they look like up close and to learn about their habits. There are all kinds of bats in the world! And there's a new Batman movie out too. I'll have to see if it's available at the CD shop so we can watch it.

Everyday we drive past a sporting goods shop that has these huge inflated rubber dinghies stacked up against the outside wall. Ibrahim's fascinated with the display and is insisting that we buy him one.

Actually, in the past year I've been thinking about buying a boat - not a dinghy... a REAL boat. They make wooden crafts here in Libya that are turned into fishing/diving boats (and illegal migrant transport...sigh). The idea of spending weekends out on the water along the coast is tempting. Maybe Ibrahim's recent interest in the topic will push me into finally going along with the plan. ... Ibrahim just might be taking after his American grandfather! Boating may be in his future. That would have made my father very, very, very happy!


  1. Go For it!!!! With all of that beautiful water, oh yes, I'm voting for you. And ........bring home dinner. Sandi

  2. Does Ibrahim get sea-sick like Dad too?

  3. you defo need to get a hold of the new Batman!


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