Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mandeesh Khlooooog

We have a family wedding this week. It's going to be a quiet one (no music, no nothing) because of the recent funeral. It's my sister-in-law's daughter that is getting married. They live in the flat below ours. The ladies keep sending their kids upstairs to my house to play (so they can get some peace and quiet).

Keeping the house clean and in some kind of order has now become priority. Nora has been patrolling the area and making sure everyone picks up their belongings and puts them away. Last night she picked up her cousin's scarf that was on the table to hang it on the hook next to the door. Underneath the scarf was a stash of goodies that the cousin had helped herself to from Nora's cabinet. Nora didn't say anything - she just picked them up and put them away. sigh...

The weather is hot and humid and I'm in no mood for anyone's crap. Just pray I don't slap anyone upside the head this week... sigh...


  1. ohhhh KT....I cannot find the words to express how sorry I feel for you at this moment in time.
    I wish you best of luck, may you be blessed with patience and may you have a suprise cruise planned for you so that you have an excuse not to attend the wedding!!!!

  2. Yes, we will pray for patience. You are an extraordinary person. Sounds to me like Nora is a little sweetheart as well. It has to be difficult for the family without their mother. You will be rewarded, and I think maybe your husband could find some nice GOLD for your goodness. lol Sandi

  3. (Enter these enchanted woods, You who dare)
    well,,or is it (the enchanted world of Libyan weddings?)
    frankly,i hate all the buzz and fuzz that accompany such events....sigh
    Good luck
    Best regards


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