Friday, July 18, 2008

A lazy summer day

Summer fruits... melon and hindi, also know as prickly pear or barbary figs are sold along side the roads and in vegetable markets in Libya at this time of year. Watermelons, grapes and fresh figs are available too. I think fruit is the ONLY reason I tolerate summer at all here. This picture is from my kitchen - Yes... go ahead and laugh! There is a doily in the picture! lololol.. uuugh... Libyans and their doilies! hahaha! God forbid you don't have a doily!

I survived the niece's wedding last night. It was boring and uneventful (thank God!). I think we are pretty much over weddings in the family until after Ramadan. I have gotten sick to death of weddings. I told that to hubby this morning and he admitted he felt the same way (for once we agree on something!).

Today I've been just hanging about being lazy. I keep going back to bed, laying around drifting off to sleep. The air conditioner is humming in the background and I can hear the sounds of the playstation coming from the boy's room. I had thought of going for a drive today, but I really don't have the energy. I think I'll go take another nap...

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