Monday, July 14, 2008


The heat's oppressive these days. Before I left for work yesterday afternoon the temperature was 48 degrees Celsius. Everyone seemed to be dragging themselves around with dull looking expressions painted on their faces (me included).

At night it cools off only slightly. Last night I came home from work and headed straight for the shower. I washed off the days heat and put on a cool loose fitting house dress. My daughter Jenna was in a terrible mood, shouting at everyone and throwing stuff around in the girls' room. I had no energy to do anything about Jenna's tantrum. I just ignored her and let her get it out. After all, we all feel that way sometimes, don't we?

Finally I just went to bed. The kids followed me into the bedroom and stood next to my bed complaining about everything and nothing. I put the pillow over my head. After a while they realized that I wasn't going to do anything to sort out their problems and they left me alone. I drifted off to sleep into a sea of weird and disconnected dreams.

I hate summer in Libya.


  1. Again .... LG ;)

    BTW, i am not on commission from LG or anything

    Fe Aman Allah

  2. We can't even go swimming like normal people.
    Thank god for AC that's all I can say.
    Great stuff KT...

  3. Mom would love to have you spend summers with her. She will get into the low 90's. We will get in the high 70's today.

  4. consider MayTag, check their store in Fashloom nothing comes close to the good stuff, the next time you want to buy a new machine is because you want to upgrade not because it broke down.

  5. loved the post made me laugh lol, I LOVEEE THE HEAT in libya the blazing sun or just the great levels of humidity lol loveeeee it walhee, im one of them anoying people u see who come to libya for the summer, and while everyone has that face on them of pure tiredness and draging themselves around, im the person u see with a mahooossiiive (massive) smile on my face and wana jump around out of pure happiness, and my face all bright red and ohhh not to mention that cold sweat on the back lool thats wen i know its really hot and im at my happiest :D:D:D:D miss them days :D wel i hope it gets cooler for u guys just blow it over to the UK and i wud be more than happy to take that kinda weather.. ohhh if it was just that simple lol
    take care
    Afnan x

  6. Me too Khadija, it nearly kills me, and what to say about humidity!!
    Nothing can cheer you even staying indoor under the conditioner highest cold degree.
    I love your blog, always here, checks your latest in a hurry, never have time to comment, beg your bardon

  7. Huh I didn't want to say this but Ahmed and the MayTag guy made me say it..

    Carrier..We keep you cool!

    I don't get a commission or any thing either.. :oD


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