Saturday, July 05, 2008

We bagged a bag

The weather was hot and sticky today. I got up this morning while everyone was still asleep and the house was quiet. First I sat down and drank a huge mug of coffee. Then I got busy and did some work. One by one my family woke up and the house got too noisy to work so I stopped.

In the late morning Tara called and said she wanted to go shopping. 'Where to?' I asked. 'Rasheed Street.' was her reply. I didn't want to go there. 'What do you need to buy?' I asked her. She then proceeded to reel off a long list. One of the things she needed was a pet carrier so that she could travel with her cat. We decided to look in the pet shops that are on my side of town and also have lunch. Jenna came along too (so she could whine and complain and pester me).

We looked in the first pet shop and found a few carriers. They were plastic of various sizes. I suggested we look at the other petshop so that we could get an idea of what was around. 'We could always make one too if we wanted.' I said. Tara just stopped and looked at me in horror. 'A home made pet carrier! What are you thinking?'

We looked in another pet shop... it was awful... the shop smelled and the animals all looked ill. They didnt have any carriers.

We continued on our way about town. We looked at make-up, we looked at shoes and finally we got to one shop that had bags. The ones in the window were FABULOUS! It was a REAL bag shop! .... and it was CLOSED!

We looked through the glass at the bags on display... I think you could hear our hearts pounding out a beat that one only hears when they find treasure. And then I saw it..... the PET CARRIER OF ALL PET CARRIERS!

'Tara look! That's it! That's the bag! That's it!' I shouted gleefully. Yes, of course everyone was looking at us as though we were crazy... but we didn't care.

The shop was closed. No one nearby knew when the shopkeeper would return. For a while we hung around the shop door. Then we decided to look around at some shops nearby, trying to kill time until the shopkeeper came back. After about half an hour we tried the shop door again but it was still closed.

We were determined to get that bag. We got back in the car and drove off to go shopping elsewhere. Our hearts weren't in shopping anymore. All we could think about was THE PET CARRIER. After suffering through another hour of aimless shopping we headed back to our target.

The shop was still closed! This was almost unbearable! Jenna went to another shop and asked about the shopkeeper. She found him! He came and opened up the door. By this time Tara and I were panting with excitement. We got it! We got it!

When I got home I looked up the bag on the net... isn't it just perfect? THE PET CARRIER


  1. LOL, these things happen all the time. You find something you want badly, but the shopkeeper is somewhere else - frustrating. But the nice thing in my "small" town is that you know every shopkeeper in person, so when you don't find them you just call their cell phone or home. However, that doesn't apply to Tripoli because it is huge.

    I'm currently staying here in Tripoli with my relatives until I finish my paperwork and fly to Rome! I must say that it is sometimes noisy!!

    P.S: Mrs.Khadija, for some reason your RSS feed doesn't work (I'm already subscribed to it and I don't get your updates), can you look at that? And why don't you covert to Wordpress? It is way too better

  2. Can I ask how much you paid for it? Hopefully not the price on the site.

  3. OMG!!!!Tell me it was a knock off and not the real deal.Beautiful bag! But almost 2000$?Way out of my leaugue,and yep I need two of them :-)

  4. Always in the kitchen... Ahh... almost $2,000...lolol..

  5. WAY? NO WAY?? LOL Sandi

  6. Please share the location....
    do they have other bags as this one?

    I will be in Libya and need places to shop AND good deals to find ;]]

  7. mabrook Tara, and miss you so much Teri *:

  8. Fancy smancy back. What did you guys do with the puppy that came in it since Tara's using it for her cat? :-P


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