Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I've got a tattoo

We finished painting the boys room but we're still putting it back together again. We still have to hang the curtains. While sorting through junk we came across a packet of Native American Indian symbol temporary tattoos that Adam brought home from America two years ago as a souvenir. I think he probably got them in Seattle.

I looked through them and found one that looked like a woman holding her arms up, fingers outspread, hair flying wild and a big circle in the middle of her face. Does the circle depict a wide-open, screaming mouth? My God! It looks a lot like me when I'm shouting at the kids!

The packet had other symbols too. Mostly animals and geometric shapes and one was a character that was playing some kind of flute. But I liked the crazy woman symbol. I don't know what it really represents though. Has anyone got any idea? Or perhaps their own theory?

Don't worry - it will wear off in a few days or I can remove it... it's temporary! But I am growing rather fond of it.


  1. Hi Teri, I really don't care about the tatoo, although funny, I like the rings!! Ha! Sandi sapphire? I will send you many tatoos for that ring. lol. Hope you are well after all that hard work.

  2. The figure is not mad. It is a symbol of the sun and she is praying (raised hands). Her body flows water towards the earth. It´s a common native symbol.

  3. adjust the date on your watch, and stop biting your nails please,
    love your blog

  4. Yes Sandi - sapphire. A bit of bling is always nice. I need a new watch though. This one's over 3 years old and I wear it constantly. It's still works fine, just looking a bit beat up.

    ladycroc - thanks for the explaination. I still think it looks like me shouting at the kids though..

    anonymous - thanks for loving my blog... you've got good eyes to see my watch needs adjusting! And yes, I bite my nails, but even if I didn't I think I would keep them very, very short anyway.


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