Friday, July 25, 2008

Rubble Trouble

I went out for a drive with the girls today. We had a look at some of the demolition that is going on around town. Most places are unrecognizable! My poor car is looking pretty bad these days. It's all on account of the potholes and rubble that you have to drive around, over and through all the time in Tripoli. It takes forever to get anywhere because of detours and bad roads. I am getting fed up. This is supposed to last for years. I would feel better if I saw some building going on... but it's only demolition.

We've been thinking about trading in my car for something else... but what? We talked about a Hyundai Santa Fe... but Nora calls those 'Sunta Feeeee' (smells bad).... hmm do I want to drive around in an SUV that people are calling 'Sunta Feeeee'?

I used to laugh at those idiots that drive around Tripoli in Hummers... maybe they will have the last laugh... Maybe I need a tank!


  1. hi dear
    as u know that destruction is much easier than construction..........
    God bless the libyan people,Amin.

  2. If you find a tank - let me know - I want one as well - roads here are not all that bad - not great - we have our fair share of potholes - but I want one so I can just run over the morons that have licenses here. And of course it is twice as bad as usual because the population has soared due to 'holidayers' - bad enough when you have to deal with idiots who know where they are going (?) but just add another couple million who have no clue where they are going - it is truly a disaster.

  3. looks like people living in big cities are going through the rubble trouble no matter where they live


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