Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I saw this:

and wondered... Isn't this like blackmail?
If they're going to do this can they force them to sponsor something a little more useful?..... sigh...


  1. Personally i am with anything that would help/support Libyan people/institutions as these oil companies are making so much £££££ that they can afford this so although i agree it is blackmail but it is justifiable blackmail which i am happy to support

    On the other hand i think it would be a good PR stunt by the Oil companies that only exploit Libya and Libyans

    Always good to read need thing from you KT

    Fe Aman Allah

  2. my opinion in really short words.. they are sick to think like this!

  3. you only need one guess to figure out who initiated this!!! Football is supported enough in Libya without the help of oil companies, why can't the money go to the sick & needy or to our schools...nooo.. this will be insulting to our government as it will be seen as though they cannot provide...please....give me a break.

  4. personally i think alot of the many BILLIIOOONNNSS these compaines are making should be injected bk into libya, youth programs maybe, charities, help to marry couple whos families find it hard to pay for thier kids wedding, defentity think YOUTH need to be considered.. and not all youth r into football, need to get these guys and girls of the streets in their fancy cars and learn how to live life the gud beneficial way, but i dnt see the harm in some money put into the football clubs, black mail it is, but its not spitful and un-needed stuff that it is for, it should be beneficial ;)
    thnks for this up date ;)
    Afnan ;)


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