Friday, August 01, 2008

The weekend begins

I've had a busy week and now it's time for the weekend! Yeah!

I woke up early to a peaceful and quiet house because everyone was still sleeping. I stayed in bed a while enjoying the quiet but decided to get up and have some coffee. In the kitchen the jar of coffee had only a few grains left sticking to the glass. Why do people put empty containers back in the cabinets and not in the garbage? Sigh...

Determined to have my cup of coffee I decided I would go to the supermarket to get some. I looked out the kitchen window, down into the driveway below, to see how many cars were parked behind mine. There were two... sigh.. This meant I would have to wake up two different people to move their cars before I could get my car out (one of the head aches of living in an apartment in Tripoli). This would cause a commotion and wake up the entire building and I would have to hear complaints for days to come.

Moving on to Plan B, I decided I would walk to the shop. After all, it was only just around the corner. So, into the bedroom, get dressed, find my keys, stuff some money into my pocket and get out the door. It was eight o'clock in the morning and the street was empty. The only noise was the singing of birds and the hum of air conditioners. I got to the corner and looked down the road toward the supermarket.... CLOSED.

'OK... I need some exercise anyway' I thought to myself while I proceeded on to the direction of the next nearest supermarket.... that of course was CLOSED too. As was the next one, and the next one, and the one after that.

By then I was getting hot and sticky. The bakery was a few blocks away and I knew there was a tiny shop just past it. I'd look there and get some freshly baked bread too. The shop and bakery were open (of course they were - they're being run by Egyptians). I bought coffee, orange juice and piping hot bread along with a tray of pastries stuffed with spinach and cheese. It was going to be a breakfast feast!

When I got home and opened the door, the house was silent. I went into the kitchen, set the bread and pastries on the table and started the kettle for the coffee. It was time to rouse my sleeping family and have a nice Friday morning breakfast together. But when I looked in the bedrooms I found no one there... the beds were all empty. I was all alone in the house.

They'd all gotten up while I was out looking for coffee and gone to the beach... sigh...

This meant there were more pastries for me!! :)



  1. if u want acts on movie 4 silent roads "friday morning in libya"
    in libya no one wrk on friday ...
    except those going 4 "soq el`7odra"

    unexpected end !!!

    dnt stay go 4 d beach ...

  2. Sundays in England used to be just for relaxation and having rest and going the church, so there is no chance to see any grocery shop open, let alone a super market, unless you live next to a corner shop which is owned by an Asian (Indian), however all this changed since then and now all supermarkets open almost 24hrs.
    Fridays are also for resting, relaxing and and going to the mosque and I hope that wont change in the future, so I don’t know why you seem so surprised about most shops are closed! Incidentally I miss freshly backed bread, you don’t need anything to eat it with, just bread by itself. delicious, now go and join the rest of the family to the beach if you can :o) .

  3. I'm sure that if they had thought of what a wonderful present they had given you by leaving you in peace and quite , they would have stuck around to drink up all your coffee ! LOL !You deserve the peace !

  4. I woke up early to a peaceful and quiet house
    All were sleeping & silent as a church mouse

    A quite time in bed then up for some coffee
    It’s a nice start and that’s between you & me

    No coffee, just an empty can I said oh’ man
    Why not throw the empty in a garbage can

    4 coffee I walked to the market to get some
    8 AM, bird’s songs & air conditioners hum

    Got to the corner market was closed ‘oh my
    Walked to next one also closed I said why
    So was the next 3, I almost wanted to cry

    Weather is getting warm, humid and yucky
    After a walk I started to get hot and sticky

    A bakery nearby & tiny shop just past it
    4 a coffee / bakery got time N’ not waste it

    Got coffee, orange juice & piping hot bread
    Empty / silent street as if everyone was dead

    Pastries stuffed with spinach and cheese
    No one will touch any without saying please

    At home; house was silent as if it was empty
    Bread & pastries on table & started my coffee
    Now it was time to rouse my sleeping family

    Despite the start of a warm morning weather
    Time to have a nice Friday breakfast together

    Checked bedrooms found no one was there
    Beds were empty & no one was anywhere
    Finally alone, do not bother me if you dare

  5. we have a wigga in here called abudaber.
    abudaber CUT THE CRAP

  6. To AdamSha
    Here's an advice

    Get a life

    We like abudaber's rhymes

    If you don't then stop visiting Khadija's blog

    You are the crap

  7. A crap named Adamsha & he’s a nagger
    No contribution to blog & hates abudaber
    If abudaber is painful go N’ set on a dagger

  8. I am always so pleased when Mahmud writes one of his rhymes and posts it in the comments section. It is an honour to be the inspiration for his creativity.

    I do believe in freedom of speech and posted adamsha's comment even though it is a negative one. I'll leave it to the readers to decide what they think of his remark.

    Mahmud, please keep rhyming. I enjoy the rhymes so very much. :)

  9. Thank you Khadija so very much. It's an honor to be a part of your blog. You are an inspiration to all of your visitors.

    I hope you will get everything you wanted for Ramadan.
    God; in the next few years Ramadan will be in the middle of the Summer, I think I will be fasting
    in Alaska when that happens.

    Have a very pleasant day


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