Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update on the sad story

I got home from work last night after nearly dying from the smell of dead hamster in the car. I parked in the driveway and left the windows partly rolled down so that the car could breathe. When I got inside the house the kids were watching TV. I put my bags down and made an announcement:

'I will give ten dinars to whoever can find the dead hamster in my car and remove it.'

The lure of cold hard cash got my kids moving! Jenna put together every extension cord in the house so she could rig up some kind of lighting system (it was about ten o'clock at night) and went downstairs to track down the dead rodent.

When she got downstairs she found that every cat in the neighbourhood was inside my car. They'd climbed in through the partially opened windows, pulled in by the smell of tasty dead rodent. After chasing them all away she set to work giving the car a meticulous search. After a while she narrowed it down to one area near the passenger door. Sniffing her way to ten dinars (the poor thing was gagging) she located the source of the smell. The hamster had managed to get into the mechanism for the seatbelt. This required tools and some muscle power too, so she called in Nora to assist her.

After a while they got the seat belt taken apart and the hamster out. Nora carried it upstairs in a plastic bag. She was sobbing away when she walked through the door carrying the bag.

'Why are you bringing it inside the house?' I wanted to know. 'I'm going to give it a proper burial tomorrow.' was her reply. 'WHAT! YOU GET THAT THING OUT OF THIS HOUSE THIS INSTANT! THROW IT IN THE GARBAGE OUTSIDE!' I shouted. Nora was horrified. She wanted to know what kind of a person I was that I would throw a dead hamster in the trash as though it were garbage. After arguing with me a while Yusef finally took it away from her and went outside with it and Nora went to her room to cry some more.

Nora was crying but Jenna was jumping up and down with happiness. 'I want my ten dinars!' she demanded. 'And since Nora helped she should get ten dinars too!' I got my purse out and handed over twenty dinars, quite willingly I might add.

It's amazing how cash motivates kids. It's no wonder I'm not penniless. Tomorrow I will have to 'motivate' Yusef into giving my car a complete cleaning inside and out.


  1. OH MY GOD I THINK I PEED ( I think thats how you spell that word) IN MY PANTS. thanks i needed a good laugh... hugs holly and the kids

  2. Jenna has always been the fearless one of the girls. I am proud of them.

  3. When our pets died, my mom used to wrap them up and put them in the freezer instead of throwing them in the trash or waiting for us lazy kids to bury them. I guess she waited until we forget and tossed them anyway. hehe

  4. OMG..I almost rolled on my back laughing...But then ,i really felt sorry for Nora...very good hearted lady..
    Good that u got rid of this night mare..I is really very unpleasnt with all the heat and humidity...
    Good luck with the (CAR WASH PLOT)
    best regards


    Who ever said life was boring ? Kids ... age old ??? are they a blessing or a hindrance ??? LOL !

    I should have called Jenna when I had a rat climb into the cars AC unit somewhere last month .Now my Ac needs to be fixed !!!


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