Tuesday, August 12, 2008

half naked - half baked

Nora's been off to the 'Female Only Beach' in Tajoura with her friends. She has discovered that wearing a bikini increases the skin available to burn. LOLOL....

No pictures for this one.... hehehe


  1. The one lesson that Nora wants to teach
    In a Tajura spot where no man can reach
    It’s what they call it Female Only Beach

    Under hot Summer sun in a bathing suit
    Sun burns exposed skin & your bare foot

    On the beach be sure to stay in motion
    Skin mustn’t be dry so put on sun lotion

    Your suit shouldn’t be a teenie, weenie,
    Maybe like a one piece polka-dot bikini

    If you’re not careful, sun could be mean
    This lesson is from an experienced teen

    In a bathing suit Nora finally awakened
    She forgot the fact she was half naked
    As a result of all that she got half baked

  2. OUCH... nora needs some aloa stat.... hope you feel better soon... now she knows there are other dangers (other then rip tides) at the beach... hope you feel better soon honey... hugs holly and the kids

  3. we will see her picture or 3gp video in away or another.

    cellphones are everywhere
    and you better take care

    i know i'm better
    than abudaber

  4. YOURGART if shes burnt that soothes the pain.. i heard..and it afnan btw :d

  5. A nice cold bath is what she needs...

  6. aww.. Cool..where is the poics ): ...poor nora become
    3beeda ....looooools ..


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