Saturday, August 16, 2008

Still out... but getting there

I've been resting at home for the last few days. I'm on the mend. My eye is only halfway closed now, or halfway opened if I decide I'm feeling pessimistic at the moment.

My soccer mom car is feeling bad too. One of the parts on it broke and hubby spent one day looking for a replacement part. Since he couldn't find the part he spent all of yesterday trying to rig one up using various things that we had around the house and trying out different types of glue. It was a good thing that I was in bed and knocked out most of the time (supplemental medicine for that - hehehe). Had I been up and about I would have most likely been at war with him...lolol... Today he has admitted defeat and sent the car to the garage. Thank God!

Hopefully the car and me will be back to normal for tomorrow. It's going to be a busy week.


  1. Hi, Sorry to read about your eye. Everyone pass through something from time to time. We just have to be patient. Dear Khadija, I think sometimes you are too hard about your husband. He must be a good man and he must love you a lot. The Libyans are different, they are so consious about their wives and children especially the girls. They protect them so much that they hardly let them do anything. My Libyan friends in Malta would never take the family to the beach, at this time of the year when all maltese are swimming almost everyday. It is hard for me to understand why Nora had to go to Tajoura to swimm, when probably the boys went to another beach. But then what can I say about the youths in Malta and many other cities in Europe. They go out with friends and we hardly know where they are.. or what they are up to. So what is best?... I do not know...

    Inshalla, hope you get well soon.
    Your friend from Malta.


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