Sunday, August 03, 2008

Almost time for the annual Pre-Ramadan shopping trip

Ramadan is only weeks away. It seems like it only finished. This is the time of year that everyone stocks up on all things related to eating and cooking. I looked at a few things over the weekend, but I'm waiting until I take my mother-in-law out for our annual trip to get our kitchens geared up for the big month of fasting and cooking. I hope she wants to go next Saturday because that will fit in better with my schedule. I'll have to see what she's up to and sort it out.

The key to a successful shopping event will be planning it without any of my sister-in-laws finding out! Stay tuned.... I will keep you posted.


  1. i bet your mother-in-law will think any date you pick will be great. ill also bet she doesnt tell any of your sister-in-laws that you are going....hugs holly and the kids

  2. Enjoy and may allah bless you and your family

    Fe Aman Allah

  3. what if your mother-in-law tell your sisters-in-law about the shopping date !!!

    wish you luck, miss ya


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