Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to my usual adventures

I'm feeling much better. Back to work as usual.

My sister-in-law's mother died, so I rearranged my schedule for a day to attend the funeral. My sister-in-law's mom had been sick for a long time; diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, asthma and Alzheimer's disease. On top of that she'd had a stroke. It was sad but a blessing. I will have to do the usual popping in to the funeral at nights after work.

One day, as I was leaving the funeral, I got into my car and after putting my foot on the break pedal I realized that I had stepped into what I thought was chewing gum. My foot was glued fast to the pedal. With some effort I was able to get my foot pulled back - but it had those long stretchy strands still connecting me to the pedal and each time I pushed on the break my foot would be stuck fast again. I was trapped in traffic but as soon as I was able, I pulled the car over to try to remove the gum and discovered that instead of being chewing gum it was this sticky kind of sap that's used as incense. uugh... what a mess! I had to laugh though... there was nothing else left to do, was there?

My adventures with the car weren't finished. Later that day I picked up Nora from her friend's house. She climbed into the car carrying a paper sack. The sack was moving and scratching sounds were emanating from within. Nora's friend's hamster had reproduced and she had given Nora two of the offspring to replace the one that our cat had eaten.

'Nora! Why on earth did you put two hamsters in a paper bag?' I asked her. 'They'll be fine mom. We'll be home in just a few minutes' was Nora's reply. Two seconds later the hamsters had escaped the paper bag and were running around loose in my car. Nora managed to catch one of them but the other was hiding. All the while I was trying to drive through heavy traffic.

When we got home the kids tore apart the car looking for the poor creature. They never found it, but they could hear it. They decided to leave various vegetable treats scattered about the car so it would have something to eat until we could find it. That was over 24 hours ago.

I went to work today and was expecting to come out after work and open the super heated car to the smell of roast hamster but the car only smelled of rotting vegetable snacks..... sigh.... I hope the poor thing has escaped.... sigh...


  1. That's so funny about the hamster! I hope it escapes too. Sorry to hear about your families loss.

  2. Salem Rosic .

    Just when one thinks one has read everything under the sun ... then one reads this post , one does dies from LOL !!!!

    Please get ride of those stupid letter verification things !!!!!


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