Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shopped & Relaxed

I've spent the weekend relaxing and getting things ready for Ramadan. Part of this meant I did some shopping and the other part meant that I ordered my kids around trying to get the house organized.

The shopping part was the pleasant part. I got a new blender and a microwave oven. Also some stuff for the kitchen; plastic containers and soup spoons. I have plenty of everything for the kitchen already. I also picked up some curtains for my bedroom and a small furniture dealie with three drawers in it that fits nicely under my desk. I didn't need those but I wanted them and cash was in my pocket so I got them.

I decided that for the groceries I'm not going to go shopping for anything special. There's a shop around the corner that always has just about everything I need. I can't understand why Libyans go berserk at the grocery store right before Ramadan starts. You would think that all the food was going to disappear or something.

I have a busy week ahead of me. I enjoyed my relaxing weekend... now I'm ready for the week to begin.


  1. What confuses me is that everyone say's they stock up before Ramadan, however during Ramadan the shops are so jam packed that I can hardly manoeuvre myself around to reach up for the jar of olives…

  2. I don't understand the rush for food as well. My buying patterns change very little. I usually only make more desserts during Ramadan than I would normally. I spent my day with the head in the oven and the fridge (cleaning of course). Fun! Enjoy your week.
    Nora in Dubai

  3. yes, exactly, why do people start stocking before ramadan. May be it is because by doing that they feel that ramadan is coming. it is the like the anthem before a soccer match.

  4. What bothers me even more is the price rise. What's funny is that even baby's powder milk has gone up in price before ramadan (a huge rise may I add). Maybe babies have started fasting as well.

  5. We always stocked up on certian things so we could avoid having to shop in Ramadan and avoid the higher Ramadan prices. It helps a lot!

  6. its the same reason why you went out and got the oven and stuff

  7. i wander what is the thing with ladies and shopping????? mmmmm....THIS RELATION IS AS ETERNAL AS SPACE AND TIME...SIGH...
    best regards

  8. does last year spoons wear off? or is it just a bad habbit? incidently this bad habbit for stocking up and buying new stuff and painting the house and chnaging the carpets .. are all signs of xmas holiday is round the thankfully its not just a libyan trend , ramadan mubarek.


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