Friday, September 29, 2006

Where is this? - #9

Another picture for the 'Where is this?' challenge. If you think you know where it is (or you want to guess) click on comments.

The pictures for the game 'Where is this?' have all been taken from someplace in Libya and are in an area open to the public. The prize for the winner will be the satisfaction of knowing that you had the right answer! - I'll let you know who the winner is.

I noticed that they are doing a similar Where is this? on Libyan TV this Ramadan.... I wonder if they got the idea from me?


Since no one seems to know where this is I've decided to post a few more pictures as a hint.

Does this look familiar?

What about this?

How about this?

Where is this???


At last! Someone has the answer! - A.Adam posted this:

I know this mosque it called " El Turki mosque "located near to El Burj Bakery in Arad'a (3rada).

You're correct! It is El Turki Mosque in Arada, an area of Suk Juma. It's currently under renovation. It looked rather ordinary before but now it's looking pretty special. Lots of hard work has been going in to the design and building.

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  1. The Cathedral became mosque at place Algeria.

  2. Yes, thats right Khadija 'Zura Fil Soora' have copied your idea.

  3. it's probably not the Cathedral on Maydan elJazaer , not Mawlai Mohammed Mosque , Not Elquds Mosque , not the new mosque in Ben Ahoor, i guess it's not in Tripoli right ?
    please don't get angry on me but plzzzzzzz " can u give me some tips without telling me ( it's in Tripoli and that's it ) loooolz .

  4. Tripoli.... yes, it's in Tripoli. But where in Tripoli?

  5. may be it is the former qasr el shaab " now the central library " ...

    Dania`s mama

  6. Could this be at the Tripoli Fair entrance now?????

  7. Not Qasr al Shaab and not the Tripoli Fair entrance... keep guessing.

  8. Assraya el hamra
    Foundok Al Kabir
    Foundok Al Mehari
    Borj Al Fetah
    Euuh Dhat al 3imad
    matar bin ghashir
    wizarat al 5arijya
    lebda ruins
    waw ennamouss
    humm sabratha ruins

    i certainly guessed

  9. Assraya el hamra - WRONG!
    Foundok Al Kabir - WRONG!
    Foundok Al Mehari - WRONG!
    Borj Al Fetah - WRONG!
    Euuh Dhat al 3imad - WRONG!
    matar bin ghashir - WRONG!
    m3itiga - WRONG!
    wizarat al 5arijya - WRONG!
    lebda ruins - WRONG!
    waw ennamouss - WRONG!
    humm sabratha ruins - WRONG!


  10. the tripoly train station

    Wa al jawab sa7i7

    In fact wat would we win if we guess?

  11. the foreign ministry building ,,, could it be???

  12. HINT: It's a mosque that's currently under renovation.

  13. Haha - it certainly looks like the Tripoli Shrine Mosque in Milwaukee....don´t believe me?

    Then look here:

    Are you perhaps kidding us when you said TRIPOLI????

    Okay, is it the Italian cathedral church/mosque???

    Uhh..the Medina mosque?

  14. Safia
    I am from Milwaukee, and I know excatly the shrine you are talking about, it is on Wisconsin ave, Have you been there?

  15. I have never been to the US, just found the pic thru google search.

  16. Not in Milwaukee.... this mosque is in Tripoli... keep guessing!

  17. Is there a deadline?

    When can we give up and you´ll tell us the right answer??

  18. No - it's not Jama Alsaga... keep trying.

  19. i know where it is but i don't the name !! does that work for u ?

  20. Salam Khadijatrei how are you?
    I miss alot of things in your blog.
    for where is this?
    I know this mosque it called " El Turki mosque "located near to El Burj Bakery in Arad'a (3rada).
    have a nice day.


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