Friday, September 01, 2006

Public Holiday

It was a public holiday here in Libya and also a Friday. I got up early and took a walk up to the bakery to buy fresh bread. Everything was quiet, the butcher shop was closed for the holiday so we waited until after Friday prayers and got some chicken to take to the farm to grill. It was a nice peaceful afternoon. Posted by Picasa


  1. Salaam Khadijateri

    lol. Let me geuss Revolution September, i should have remembered, my little cousin she marches in one of the little parades. i always wanted to go to the parades and march out in the street, and just fell the whole vibe but I never got a So does everyone close their shops or something? How is it done?

  2. I did the parade - once! It´s much more fun to watch.

  3. I think ppl paint the shop doors green on this day, hm?

    Happy Holiday!!!
    We're having some nice celebrations here in Malta as well.

  4. Safia I did the parade once too probably in the same year your did ?

  5. I did my last parade in...uhm...1988?? Or perhaps in 1989? I was 17-18 years old then.
    Since then I´ve only watched parades from the streets; my last "live" parade was in 1998 I think?

  6. i also marched in the parade when i was in the girlscout 2 or 3 times, it was fun!

  7. A lot of doors and windows are painted green in Libya, and sure enough the painting is done by people, but it is not done by choice. If it were by choice, it would not all be so orchestrated: the same shade of pukey green and highly concentrated in one place, downtown Tripoli, and at one time. I think it is a misnomer to associate the anniversary of a military takeover of power with the "people." The Libyan people live under a condemned criminal dictatorship that oppresses the majority of them into all manner of tasteless exhibitionism. Not long ago, Libyan youth were lined up in a parade to bite off the heads of some little helpless birds, as a show of what the dictatorship billed a "challenge to the American imperialists," which had as much of an effect on Americans as the cartoons of ferocious fish leaping out of the Med to devour US fighter jets. What a joke! To make it easy for those fish, the US sent ships to impound the weapons that they did not bother to destroy on the ground in Libya. The fish must've been on vacation.

    Granted, some people are not forced and they engage in those exhibitionist activities willingly. But those very people are now collectively labeled criminals and directed by their leader to report to the nearest "revolutionary confessional" within four months, so they can enjoy the amnesty granted in advance by a leader who claims to hold no power! Sorry to disturb the peace under the sand line, but it's hard to ignore the big stinking elephant in the room.

  8. Our school attended the parade in 92 or 93 not sure anymore. It was incredibly hot weather.


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