Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back to school

It's that time of the year again - getting back to school. Today was Ibrahim's first day and it was difficult to drag him out of bed and get him dressed. It was hard because so far he's the only one off to school today. The other kids won't start for a few weeks.

I did all the school shopping about two weeks ago. The only thing left to buy is a uniform for Sara. I'll take her out sometime this week and pick one up. Now that there are shops everywhere that sell school supplies and uniforms it's easy to get the kids ready for school. There are lots of office supply shops that sell all the name brands. Sara got a fantastic Stabilo book bag filled with everything. It was great - one thing to buy with everything in it. In the past it was difficult to find anything and most of the supplies were low quality, made in China. Now you can find most everything here. The better quality name brand supplies cost a little more, but it's worth it in the end. I've always hated those Chinese pencils that never seem to sharpen!

I'm happy that summer is about over and the kids will be going back to school. Ramadan starts in a few weeks, and no one does much studying then, and teachers hate teaching then too. I'll be complaining about the struggle to get the kids to do their homework soon.


  1. Now that summer break is over, Ahh, I'll miss seeing arabs strolling along or going window shopping over here. There were so many of them at the malls. Hope they had an enjoyable time.
    Can't believe we will be fasting in a few weeks time! Love it!

  2. hah, you remined me about those awful pencils!


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