Friday, September 29, 2006

A drive to Gharian

We got up early and decided to go for a nice long drive. We headed out for Gharian. A hairpin turn road leads up the mountain into Gharian.

Dangerous curves. . . .

Along the roadside are stands that sell pottery that is made locally. We stopped and had a look.

We drove around, wandering on different roads, looking at the views.

We saw what looked like an old Italian church in the distance and decided to have a closer look.

Sure enough on closer inspection it was in fact an old church. It was abandoned and protected by a wall surrounding it.

Next to the church was a school that was from the same period and is still in use.

We had a look around and then went on our way.

It was a nice drive, but it was time to go home and cook dinner. One week of Ramadan is over... three to go. Posted by Picasa


  1. Teri our family calls that an adventure. We never know what we will find or where we will turn. And now with your pictures and commentary I feel like I went on an adventure to Gharian!
    Thank you!!

  2. aa hey thanks!!! those are great pictures. it really is a hairpin turn. there is like an oasis down the hills, too and it has palm trees.

  3. great pictures , i've been to Gherian once for a local architcure class , honestly i didn't know what ? or why r we going there ?,till we got there was AMAZING ..we visited a place called ( 7osh el 7afer ) a very old house under ground ..mmm i guess i should write about it in my blog and post the pictures !

  4. HI ....
    Thank u first ..I feel so proud because I'm from Gharian ..
    I have a lot of pic for Gharian I will send it to u If u want ..!
    Thank u again ..!

  5. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Sure they stirred a lot of memories though I lived in Gharian only six years and went only one year to the school next to the church. I remember the school had a fire place for which we used to bring wood to burn in winter time.Beautiful memories!

  6. I am from Gharian, and when I saw the pictuers I couldn't beleive my eyes.
    In fact I live about 1km far from the church -"El-Kaizaa"- on the pictuers.
    the area is called "Sidi Moussa".
    The School's name is "Khaled ben Walid", I have been to this school until I was 10 before my family moves to Triploi. The Kaizaa was used for multiple activities : cinema, Taikwando club and other indoor sports. Today it is protected by "Masla7at Al-athar" and considered as an important heritage of the italian presence in Libya.
    I am very happy to see these pictuers on your blog, and thank you for reminding me the nice memories I had in these places during my childhood.

    If you wish, in the next spring, we can manage to receive your family and make you visit the intersting places in Gharian. Please don't deprive us of this pleasure.


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