Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where is this? - #6

Another picture for the 'Where is this?' challenge. If you think you know where it is (or you want to guess) click on comments.

The pictures for the game 'Where is this?' have all been taken from someplace in Libya and are in an area open to the public. The prize for the winner will be the satisfaction of knowing that you had the right answer! - I'll let you know who the winner is.


The winner is Youcef ! He posted this in the comments: Okay, my friend says that it most be the area behind the chrch in Al-Dhahra region...

His friend gave him the answer...but Youcef will get the credit as he posted the comment. Youcef himself is very interested in historic buildings in Libya and has written on his website about historic buildings in Ajdabiyah.


  1. is it in the old Medina near AlAthar Restaurant ( Bawabat Mouammer) near the french consulate library ?????
    if not please give us more details.

  2. With all of these great pictures you post it makes me want to move to Libya just to be in the places you show!

  3. this street is near to corinthia hotel ??

  4. No one has figured out where it is yet! You'd all better hurry - written on the walls is the word 'Hadm' in Arabic, which means demolition. The building is marked to be torn down.

    Abu Sinan - you're welcome to visit any time!

  5. what a shame! how can they demolish such a beautiful building? it should be restored.

  6. If I ever win the lottery I will come visit you Khadija. Traveling with the kids makes things much more difficult.

    Ah, I remember the days when I could pack a bag on the spur of the moment and take a week off and just fly anywhere. Those days are long gone.

    The first trip back to the Middle East with the young ones will probably be when Sayf gets about age three.

  7. Abu Sinan... just let me know when to pick you all up at the airport! :)

  8. Dear Khadijia , Hadem is written in every corner in Tripoli even in my house but they don't usually do it ..

    what ever can u plz give us some clues , it seems like somewhere in the Old medina , or down town ..


  9. Libyan Warrior! What on earth makes you say such a thing? There are buildings all over town with demolision written on them... I'm sure that are not all houses of ill repute.

    It's NOT a picture taken in the old city.... keep guessing!

  10. Dear Khadija please give us a clue ...
    the nearest place to it , if it's not in Tripoli , how far is it from Tripoli ?

  11. Hi there Teri, I'm new in Tripoli, I asked a friend and he said it could be the it's the Bel-Khayr area in Tripoli, wich is known to locals by the name "El Batcini"...

    Very beautiful old building, it'll be so sad if something bad happen to it... I hope it stays forever..

  12. Okay, my friend says that it most be the area behind the chrch in Al-Dhahra region...

  13. yeah it may be Aldahra area , is it possible to be somewhere in Mezran st ....
    is it in Tripoli ?

  14. I had a dream that your huby is going 2 marry !

  15. Anonymous - give me more details about the dream! This might be good news! Imagine someone else having to deal with all the crap he puts me through...... might be nice! ;)


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