Friday, September 22, 2006

The Friday Market

The Friday market - Suk Aljuma, Tripoli Libya

Going to the Friday market is a tradition for many men and boys in Tripoli. It's a crowded flea market with people buying and selling new and used things. Few women go to the Friday market because it's crowded and most are busy at home on Friday mornings.

Lots of bargains can be found there... and lots of junk too. Usually my husband takes some of the kids with him when he goes and leaves some in the car to make sure the radio or tires don't get stolen (or maybe the whole car!). My mother in law is always concerned that someone might steal the kids, but so far it's never happened.

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  1. What great pictures!! I loved seeing Suk Aljuma again!!

    When we visited Jakarta not to very long ago we had to have a driver, not so much to drive but to watch the car while we shopped and so on. I guess there will always be poor people no matter where you go.

    Thanks again for showing us Suk Aljuma today.

  2. cool pics... i love your version of the wagon wheel flea market

  3. asalaam alaikum and mabrouk ramadan. i really enjoy checking your blog and seeing the photos. If you ever go south, please take some pictures on the road to Garian. aa


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