Sunday, September 17, 2006

Where is this - #7

Another picture for the 'Where is this?' challenge. If you think you know where it is, or was, (or you want to guess) click on comments.

The pictures for the game 'Where is this?' have all been taken from someplace in Libya and are in an area open to the public. The prize for the winner will be the satisfaction of knowing that you had the right answer! - I'll let you know who the winner is.


Good job N! - N knew the correct answer: 'It is on the street on the side of El Bourgh El-Fatha. A sign that says NO BARKING.'

The picture was taken quite a while ago so I'm not sure if it's still there. Here's another picture with the El Fatha Tower in the background.


  1. Oh, of course, it's the mulch depot in Arada! :-)

  2. You got to be kidding!

    Does he mean "Parking" or does he warn against his dog barking???

  3. Double trouble with this word... Arabs have a problem with 'B' and 'P' because there is no 'P' sound in the Arabic language and they have trouble hearing it. The other problem is using the word in the present continuous - verb + ing.... it's always hard to remember when to double the consonant.... ahhh! English is sooooo fun!

    It's not in Arada... keep guessing...

  4. Please Teri give us clues , No way how can we even guess where is this ?
    is it somewhere in Zawiat Dahmani , Gargarish , a school in Ben Ashor , fashloom , ...etc.
    is it in Tripoli in the first place

  5. Aladdin - you always want clues.... ok - here's a clue...Tripoli

  6. OK. I know where this is. It is on the street on the side of El Bourgh El-Fatha. A sign that says NO BARKING.

  7. Pish Its next to Corentia. Or Bourgh Al-Fatha, but on that side of town, The building is facing the beach. Thats the only part of our country which is Industrial Nice looking. And by that i mean the country as a country is lovley but we need to do some work as far as Industrialization. inshallah we shall get their. Anyway thats my geuss .


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