Saturday, September 16, 2006

Free Zone

You know that Libya is going to open up this new 'free zone' between Zawara and Bukamash... It's going to have it's own laws and court system (so they can have all kinds of wild stuff happening there).

Well, I think we all need to cash in on this - real quick like! - Since we're going to burn in hell anyway I think we should die filthy rich! So I suggest we get together and open up the following out there in the free zone: bars, strip joints with lap dancers and pole dancers, a few brothels, a chain of liquor stores, male strip clubs, a casino or two, a tatoo parlour and peircing palace, and a sex toy shop.

Have I forgotten anything?


  1. a tourist trap with silly t-shirts that say i was here

  2. hehehe.... My Momma went to the free zone and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!....

    Yes! Add a t-shirt shop and souvineer shop to the list!

  3. Are you kidding me?? Is that what they mean about "free zone"? I think the Libyan people should have their country the way they see fit but that is a bit much. Sounds like the "free zone" will be what we use to think you could find in Malta way back when.

  4. you forgotten Prostitution Houses where you can pay money for sex!!

    gay Bars , lesbian bars .

    sex clubs ( where people can have a group sex together).

    there is a free zone in Dubai , where u can find all dirty stuff u said here in Dubai but secretly.

  5. The main point of this so-called free zone is to pacify Gaddafi's son al-Saadi, especially as he is getting antsy about his older brother Saif getting all the attention and being on deck to succeed the Libyan crime boss.

    Libyans really have no choice in the matter. They might be allowed there as backdoor laborers, but it is not meant for them, not anymore than Saadi's latest boat.

    As for opening up bars and what not, there is no need for a free zone to do that. Already the tax rates for alcohol have been set, and pretty soon you will see bars popping up in Tripoli, etc. Prostitution, of course, has always been there, but they might now legalize it and let the revolutionary committees open up their Mathabas to the public, not just for the elite. It might also provide gainful employment for the so-called Revolutionary Nuns and add a little variety in their day.

  6. you forgotten Prostitution Houses where you can pay money for sex!!......

    I didn't forget them, that's what a brothel is.

    I was being facetious when I wrote this post... but it is really sad when you think about it. Do we really need a free zone? Does Libya need to make money this way? .... sigh..

  7. Audhu billah min ashaytan arajeem; I think this is a dirty rumour.
    Libya is never going to turn into Tunis!

  8. US authorities want a free zone in Libya, Not libyan people or anyone who is in charge!
    that's it.

  9. omg , there is not bars and brothels in Libya and look at it , prostituation every where , alcohol is easy to get , half of Libyans are drunk in thursday , so imagine if they legalize prostition , and bars will be soon around tripoli , Night clubs will be all over ( it's going to be a real mess).
    with Libyan mentality is is not possible to have these things , it gonna be a disaster..
    before they set up the tax rates for alcohols , they should build the country improve education , fix the roads , improve transportaion and alot more.
    we really don't need this now in this sitaution in Libya..

  10. a. adam why is it that the u.s. want free zones....why cant it be the english that want free zones... there are probably more english tourists them american tourist in libya.... always blame the americans

  11. holly, I said U.S authorities not the americans,
    by the way, I don't like politics

  12. it seems like Al-Saadi Kadhafi wants this free zone more then anyone else.... the news story didnt mention anyone but him. Al-Saadi Kadhafi seems to think that it will bring in money from tourism. granted there are more americans going to north africa to visit, but there are many more europeans tourist, so if any one wants a free zone it would be them. personally i dont like the idea, it would segrgate the tourist from the real culture of the area and keep them in one place , so that only a few would reap the benifts of the free zone.

  13. wow! i think i must be in the twilight zone...i've never heard of a 'free zone'...what is this? i'm kinda, sorta afraid to ask? as always, fun to read...

  14. Yes sister khadija you forgot gambling casinos

  15. Sorry sister khadija I take it back, you mentioned casinos. "a casino or two"

  16. once upon a time there was acity called Tripoli where that you mentionned was available...They'll just be reviving what was available before 69!I guess i'm older than your circle of bloggers!hey, anybody heard about Mogambo,the waddan casino and the "tbournas"scattered all over the city?
    stranded in California

  17. okay now A.Adam, where do you get your info that the US "AUTHORITIES" want the free zone. Now, now, if you don't like politics, remember dear sweet one, that you brought it up. Still enjoy your blog though, Sandi

    Where can I read about the info on this "free zone"?

  18. im working over here
    and have seen many changes over the past 2 years since the sanctions were lifted
    iff you want it you can get it over here
    no problem
    as a condition of lifting the sanctions it was a small concession that the AMERICANS be allowed to have a free zone TO REPLACE THERE AMERICAN AIRFORCE BASE THAT WAS CLOSED DOWN A GOOD FEW YEARS BACK JUST OVER THE ROAD FROM THE FISH MARKET
    it is all to do with oil oil oil
    he has got it


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