Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Now that's hot!

What happened in Libya on September 13, 1922?

A world record was made! A temperature of 57.7°C (135.9°F) was recorded in the city of Al 'Aziziyah, the hottest recorded temperature on the surface of the Earth.

I can't imagine what that must have been like for the people that had to live through that day. They must have been miserable! No air-conditioners 84 years ago - and probably no refrigerators or freezers either. I'm not sure how long it was before the weather broke and cooled off, but I am happy I wasn't there.

The weather here lately has been cooler. It rained yesterday and there was even some thunder. It made everything kind of steamy and humid, but there was the feeling that the season has changed and autumn is here at last.


  1. yes this world record was recorded by The Guiness World of Records as well.
    it has been quite hot in London the past few days, yesterday it was 29c, today 25c is expected and its very humid as well.

  2. Denmark has also a recent heatwave - in June we had 30 C every day, all August was cold, windy and very wet, and now in autumn/fall September it is suddenly summer again with temperatures over 25 C.

    Animals and plants get confused; actually some bushes have started to bloom again. Very weird!

  3. I'd always questioned that such a record could be varifiable.. and most likely it was an "uncalibrated" thermometer or a misreading or "mis-writing" of the temperature .. noting that the event took place more than 80 years ago .. and even with today's high tech gadgets I assure you that I never trust such readings .. but would question the credibility and accuracy of an uncalibrated instrument and it's misusage..
    The point is that we should not take such issues for granted to be facts .. A fact must be verifiable and in this case i doubt that anyone could prove so ..
    M.B. ;-&

  4. Anonymous, you are quite wrong; the temperature in Babalaziziya was measured by the British and with very accurate instruments in a shade box, witnessed and certified by the British authorities in charge.

    The 58 C isn´t just a rumor. I understand your scepticism, though, bearing in mind the many "my grandma is 178 years old, wallah"-stories in Libya. But this time the Brits have it all covered and accounted for.

  5. I HAVE NOT HEARD OF THAT SAFIA ! Would you mind giving me your source !?

  6. Eid Khabir , June 1992 in Libya was so hot we fried a egg on the drive way .It was hard in 5 minutes flat. Fact ! I am verifing it . Fact # 2, the same day I witnessed a peice of paper catch on fire ,in the shade ,from the heat . Have no idea what the temperature was officaly , but suffice to say , it was H-O-T !

  7. I meant the Italians, not the Brits, sorry! The Brits were only observers, not in charge.
    And the measurement was done with a straight mercury device inside a white box (in shade).
    There is no link to that on the Net, alas.

  8. My uncle lived in Aziziyiah at that time and he said it was really hot. However, I must say that over the last years we had days in Libya were I would not put it past this record to have been reached again, I concurr with the anonymous who said he/she fried an egg, I tried that on the roof of the car and it worked, I also remember many people had nose bleeds one time, but I cannot remember which year exactly in the 90s

  9. So what .. whether it was made by the Brits or the Italians ..??
    Science and engineering has no boundaries .. and your point does not proof that the measurements were right !!! Take my word on this as I personally was graduated from a "Brit" university and my B.Sc. had a major in Measurement .. so I know what I am talking about ..
    And what if it was made by Libyans ?? would that make it less credible ?? Again we're driven by the absurdity that what comes from the west is the truth and unquestionable ..
    I still am not convinced that such a measurement was right it was not scientifically verifiable ..
    M.B. ;-&


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