Friday, September 22, 2006

The baby hedgehogs were so tiny and their eyes were still closed. Their spines were sharp as needles!

We had a good look and then put them back and replaced some of the wood over their nest.

The olives are nearly ready to be picked....

The house is coming along slowly. Mustafa says the workers will work during Ramadan, but I think he's being rather optimistic. The plasterwork is finished. It was a big headache. I'm a 'jibs' minimalist - I hate plaster - I think it looks ugly. Mustafa on the other hand thinks 'jibs' is great. We compromised and got the simplest looking plaster we could find. I still hate it, but he seems happy now. Sometimes you have to compromise. . . sigh . . .

The garage door has been installed. It will have glass panels behind the metal but they won't do that until the house is nearly finished.

Jenna found an interesting looking grasshopper and the kids played with it.

I went for the last walk around the farm. The leaves on the trees are just beginning to turn slightly yellow. Autumn is here, Ramadan will probably keep us too busy to spend much time at the farm. It was a nice peaceful last day before I face the kitchen for Ramadan. I'm ready for it now . . . are you? Posted by Picasa


  1. Ramadan mubarak!

    That is the sweetest picture of a hedgehog I´ve ever seen! Makes one wonder how on earth the mother is able to give birth!

  2. Safia, Hedgehogs give birth very carefully! OUCH! :) They are so cute!! Probablly the next time you go to you farm they will be grown.

    Teri I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home finished and you are all moved in.

  3. Adam is a weeny. Just thought you would like to know. He also sucks at shooting pool.

    Really he is a very thoughtful, helpful and graceious young man. You must be very proud of him.

    Today he went to a glass blowing studio were they were making glass bowls. He thought it was interesting and great.
    The mosque was in the early afternoon and was quite crowded. They spoke of Ramadan.

    He went with Aunt Andi and a cute 15 year old American girl to ride go-carts, climbed the rock wall, jumped on the trampoline which included back flips and front flips. Then they went to the mall where he was almost bored to death. Can you imagine going to the mall with a 15 year old girl. Earrings, underwear and frilly stuff.

    Tommorrow we head for the temperate rain forest were they get over 160" of rain per year. Big tall trees and moss everywhere. No frilly girls underwar anywhere. Just manly man stuff like elk, bears and bannana slugs. We will go out to the ocean where my favorite sign in the whole world is shown. It reads "beach logs kill". You can imagine being in the surf and having a 6' diameter log that is 100 feet long come in on the wave. There is not much swimming because of this and the water never gets above 54 f.

    Monday and Tues brings fishing and hiking to the snow.

    Talk with you then.
    Uncle Mike

  4. wow that was so cool with those hedgehogs! Cheers from Canada :)

  5. i just loved that hedgehog ..i wish i can have one at home but i know my mother will go " bahi wallahi, that is what we need now !!!!!?!!!" LOL..


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