Monday, September 11, 2006

A bit of history

I was reading an interesting story yesterday about old King Idris's Mercedes Benz. It seems that when he was in exile in Egypt he gave the car to an American man who brought it to the US and used it for many, many years. Finally the man decided to give it back to Libya. And it's being shipped back here.

Photo is a model, not the car described in the story
Why do I find this story interesting? Well, mostly because the era of King Idris is a taboo part of Libyan history. It's ignored. The castle in Dahara that was built for the old King is crumbling as is most anything from that era. So what will become of the King's Mercedes if it comes back here? Will it be put on display in the museum, next to the blue VW?


  1. I was reading this story only few minutes ago, i just hope and pray that the car is treated with respect in Libya, whether put in a museum or used by a VIP.
    it has survived for many years and kept in good condition, i think a museum will be a fitting place.

  2. The idris car does not belong into a historical museum but into a car museum.

  3. Safia - why's that I kindly ask?

  4. "So what will become of the King's Mercedes if it comes back here? Will it be put on display in the museum, next to the blue VW? "

    I suspect that they will accept to recieve it here in the first place, and if they do it'll not be because they wanted put it in display next to the blueVW! (If you know what I mean)... ;)

  5. 7mada,
    the mercedes is just a car that many heads of state used; there is no historical value for displaying the car at a historical museum. Idris did not do anything special in or with that car besides riding it as he rode so many other cars.
    If idris had done anything special, say for instance riding the mercedes while running from the Italians to Egypt or signing the declaration of independence, the car would belong in a historical museum.

    The VW beetle, on the other hand, plays a special role on the very day of the revolution; thus it belongs in a historical display.

    The mercedes, as seen from the pic sis K has displayed, looks like a fine vehicle and belongs into a car museum.

  6. I couldn't agree with you more with regards to the importance, or lack of importance of the Merc. But in reality the same goes for Mr.G's VW and the validity of the mystical story it is associated with. So both cars should be returned to their rightful owners, rotting VW to Mr. G and the Merc to Mrs. Idris. Or launch a new wave of interest in automobile antiques across Libya and establish an automobile museum and display the Merc there, let’s forget about an old rotting VW that has been forced into the memory of Libyans for the past 36 years :)

  7. We shouldn't be ashamed at our own history it doesn't matter if it was good or bad or ugly, it's still our history. How sad and how tragic is the madness of the destruction of everything from the Kingdom era in which was a very important part of our history especially it was our first independent Libyan government after centuries of foreign occupation by so many countries & empires. Anyone who's involved in this type of destruction of our history should be held accountable and responsible and should be brought to justice.

  8. Wow ! And I thought BBC's "Top Gear" was fascinating !Well , what ever is the fate of the Mercedes , I hope it isn't destroyed ,as it is a beauty .One thought though , is there still a Mrs. Idris in the world , and if there is , would she really want that car now ?


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