Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some Blogs to Keep You Reading

I've come across some more blogs that are either being written by Libyans, or by people who have been here in the past, or are staying here now.

Chatalaine - Spent her high school years here in Tripoli - she's a Wheelus High School alumni who yearns to visit Libya again one day.

Small Digital World - a Libyan software developer

Huk Huk - Aimen is one of my students. He's on an adventure in Germany, doing a training program in architectural design at a company located in the Black Forest. He's writing his blog as a way to keep us informed about his many adventures. (I'm always so happy when my students start blogging!)

On Tripoli - A blog about things to do around Tripoli.

The Bedouin Project - A student of Middle East Studies working in Libya.

Sorry, You're Not Entitled - This is the true story of one family's emigration from England to Cyprus. Part of the story takes place in Libya.

I'll add them to my sidebar for future reference. The list keeps getting longer!


  1. My Dad recieved an e-mail at Libya news with this link ..


    i clicked on it and it says that they recommend you blog which is thougtfull and orgnized with pretty pics ..

    i have to admitt that you have inspired too mny bloggers to crete thier own blog including Me and Dania's mum my sister, so thank you very much .

  2. Hi Mrs.khadija...I am so glad to be in touch with you.

    say hi to every one,specially janna and tell Mrs.Alea that I will be waiting her to come to Germany.

    with my best wishes
    By the way, If you wanna send me an E-mail you can by this E-mail addres ( aimen_rashed@yahoo.com )


  3. Just wanted to let you know that I'll be heading back to the US on October 9th. Some of my co-workers and myself are in another co-workers wedding in October, so we have to be home in time to get our things together for the festivities. :)

    Oh, can you believe we had another camera go missing at work? LOL I'm going to have to start giving T some herbs for his memory loss.... he's getting forgetful and leaving too many things lying around in plain sight. :)

    As of now, if we return to Tripoli, it will most likely be the second week of Nov. and we'll stay until the end of the month. We really want some time to unwind and relax during the holidays, and this short trip home just won't quite do enough. LOL

    I hope things are going well for you and your family during Ramadan!

  4. Hey love the pics. Sorry I was late I knew that photo place too. Glad to see more photos on your site. Sorry I did not get the chance to spend more time visiting all the ladies there. Next year I guess. I will have to build another home as I have been sumarily dismissed by my father in law. haha. So much to share with all of you and hope to visit again next year. I will stay with my brother-in-law next time.
    ! One tidbit I had a few photos taken from my bags. I hoped to share them with the kids schools as they were of historical nature but I guess the people in the photos must have been of interest to someone? Yasir Arafat and my brother in law back in 1960's when he served in the military. Also all of his families photos disaapeared as well. Again thanks for taking me out those few times and hope to return again.


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